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R&D and Manufacturing Base

The largest R&D and manufacturing base of hogh voltage switchgear and complete equipment in China.

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with the internationally advanced industrial park and the world-leading modern product line

Leading Technology

China’s hogh voltage switchgear technology leader with the world’s leading technology level

Integreted Solution

devoted to providing the integrated solution for various industries such as power, railway, coal, oil, new energy and urban mass transit

Switchgear Manufacturer

The world’s first 1,100 KV high voltage switchgear manufacturer

Our mission

Strive to provide complete system solution Strive to provide complete system solution after-sales service

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Pinggao Vacuum Switch Products

1.126kV vacuum circuit breaker Technical parameters: Rated voltage: 126kV; Rated current: 2500A; Short-circuit breaking current: 40kA; Electrical endurance: E2; Low temperature environment temperature: -40℃; Mechanical life: 10000 times; Greenhouse effect factor: 0 Main charateristic: Vacuum arc extinguishing chamber breaking + …

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Offshore wind power low frequency 20Hz GIS

1. Low frequency 20Hz GIS application It is used for offshore wind power projects in middle and far seas, and adopts 20Hz low-frequency transmission technology. The effective load capacity of the cable is improved by reducing the frequency to increase …

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Offshore Wind Power DC GIS

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550kV GI

Main charateristic: Breaker breaking capacity: Can meet 1.5 times the first opening coefficient; Compact: adopts lightweight design, single bay width less than 3.8m, height less than 5.8m, weight 16.5t (three-phase), 20% less than conventional products; Easy installation: Independent transportation at …

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363kV GIS

Main charateristic : Compact: The product is less than 3.4m in height and 2.3m in width, which can greatly reduce the floor area of platform GIS in whole station; Lightweight: Using lightweight design, the weight of single bay is 4.5t, …

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252kV GIS

Main charateristic: High Reliability: Breaking capacity reaches 50kA, flow capacity 4000A, mechanical endurance 10000 times; Compact: The height of the product is less than 3m, and the minimum center distance of the product is 1800mm, which can greatly reduce the …

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72.5kVGIS(used for fan tower tub)

Main charateristic: Compact: The whole GIS uses an air chamber, no basin insulator, more compact structure size; Easy Operation and Maintenance: The width of the product is less than 0.9m, the height is less than 2m, to achieve the whole …

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Pinggao High Speed Switch Products

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765kV GIS

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420kV GIS

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245kV GIS

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145kV GIS

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