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Offshore Wind Power DC GIS

S.N. Item General parameters on ZZF1-210(L) General parameters on ZZF1-350(L)
1 nominal system voltage,kV dc 200 320
2 rated maximum operating voltage Urdc, kV dc 210 350
3 rated lightning impulse withstand

voltage, kV

1050 1175
4 rated operating impulse withstand voltage, kV 450 950
5 rated DC withstand voltage(phase

to earth), kV

400 630
6 rated current, A dc 4000 4000
7 rated short time thermal current,


50(1s) 50(1s)
8 peak withstand current 125 125


Main characteristics:

Modular design, flexible layout, compact structure, small size, excellent resistance, the whole no horizontal basin. The isolatior is linear structure;

All-fiber current transformer, easy to install and maintain;

Voltage transformer, lightning arrester horizontal layout, low center of gravity, good shock resistance.

The overall size (L x W x H) of ZZF1-210(L) DC GIS: 9.5m x 1.3m x 7.5m.

The overall dimensions (L x W x H) of the ZZF1-350(L) DC GIS: 11m x 1.7m x 8m.