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Pinggao Group Power India PVT Ltd.establishing a factory set up in India with the voltage range of 132kV~765kV GIS product with all kind of testing facility in their manufacturing unit. Factory will be fully functional by September 2021 in Sanand Industrial Park, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
we are searching for local power equipment manufacture to support us,we need components such as:welding/casting enclosure,aluminum conductor,steel supporting structure,Current Transformer,Voltage transformer(Potential transformer),Lighting arrester(surge arrester),Silicon Rubber bushing and porcelain bushing ,SF6 Gas Density Monitors,cable,rubber O rings,bursting discs,bolt and nuts, Operating mechanism,Control cabinet,Cover plate , grounding copper bar and so on
If you have any questions or are interested in becoming our partner, please contact us,Send company profile to my email:pgfrancis2020@163.com

Technical parameters of bellows

  • Rate working pressure:0.4MPa(20℃ gauge pressure)
  • Design pressure:0.6MPa(20℃ gauge pressure)
  • Working temperature:-40℃~150℃(outdoors)
  • Working medium:SF6
  • Axial short-time compensation≥25mm
  • Normal working axial compensation±10mm
  • Radial compensation±5mm

Technical parameters of composite bushing

  • The torsion displacement of the center of the mounting hole corresponding to the flange at both ends ≤ 2mm
  • Creepage distance≥ 3900mm
  • The product shall meet the following mechanical and electrical performance requirements
  • 1 min of 2.3 MPa internal pressure test; The four-way bending load is 6kN
  • During type test,the failure pressure of internal pressure ≥3.5MPa for 5min,maximal bending load ≥12kN
  • 1 min power frequency withstand voltage (dry, wet and effective value) of external insulation( 275kv),the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 650kV
  • Sealing test: after the pressure test is qualified, SF6 or helium (0.5MPa, 20℃, gauge pressure) shall be used for leakage detection, and the leakage rate≤
  • Spray acrylic polyurethane enamel on the outer surface of upper and lower flange.

Technical parameters of conductor welding

  • Name:conduct
  • Material:aluminum alloy,
    for example:(Data Sources:IS.1285.2002)
    63400-T6φ180X15 aluminum alloy tube,
    63400-T6φ110X15 aluminum alloy tube,
  • Technical requirement
    Outer diameter:110-180mm
    Wall thickness:15mm
    For details,refer to the attached drawing
  • main manufacturing procedures
  • Purchase quantity per year

Technical parameters of control cable

  • Name:control cable
  • Technical requirement
    ZR-KVVP:Copper core PVC insulated and sheathed braided shielded control cable,24C×2.5SQMM;
    4C×2.5SQMM; Conductor Material: Plain Copper
    Insulation Material: FR PVC,Braiding Material: Tinned Copper,Sheathing Material: FR PVC
    Rated voltage:600V/1100V
    Used in Gas insulator switchgear
  • Purchase quantity per year
    50000meter per year